August 21, 2011 - Andra Dare and Graveyard Exploring

The first hour of the show is old school, classic, and rare stuff.

At 2am we interview Andra Dare. (File 3)

Listen to the Show - Pictures

Background: A Murder of Angels "While You Sleep"

Kreator "Terrible Certainty"
Holy Terror "Distant Calling"

Paradox "Death, Screaming and Pain"
Saint Chaos "Pressure" (R)
Machine Head "A Thousand Lies" (R)
Max Havoc "Bound for Hell"

Onslaught "Atomic Punk"
220 Volt "Prisoner of War"
PMS "Night Stalker"
Hexx "Edge of Death"

Eric Steel "Rescue Me"
Metal Church "Start the Fire" (R)
Napalm Death "Rise Above"
Morbid Symphony "Woman in the Chair"

Andra Dare "Sublimations"
Crane "Wake Up"
Eternal Torture "Disfigured"
Jesus on Extasy "Lost in Time"

Ana Kefr "In the House of Distorted Mirrors"
Leviathan "Where Light and Death Unite"
Sober Truth "Leave Me Alone"
Mors Cordis "Big Brother"

Gorgy "3rd Degree Sodomy"
The Clan Destined "Swinging Like Judas"
Andra Dare "Lilith"

Andra Dare Interview

Andra Dare "Swan"
Dream into Dust "Counterfeit"
Nekrogoblikon "Bears"
Divot "Arms to Row"
Evile "Descent into Madness"

The Browning "Bloodlust"
Hartriot "The Mechanics of Annihilation"
Amity in Fame "The Kraken"
Robert Lund and "Bert's No Good"
Chimaira "Losing My Mind"

Tremors "Voice / Seven / Suns"
Through Your Silence "Mind Collapse"
Sorehead "Beyond this World"
Design the Skyline "Crystal Swords Kill the Hordes"
Shadowcast "Creation Enigma"

Sepultura "Troops of Doom"
Pyschostick "Intervention for a Good Mood / Hate Times 8"
Spiegelkeller "Boser Traum"
Gorath "Whore of Babylon"
Vulture Industries "To Sever the Hand of Corruption"

HPLHS "Tentacles"
Skelator "Circle of Bloodshed"
Diamond Plate "Tomb with a View"
White Wizzard "Starchild"

Psyche Corporation "Pound of Flesh"
Century "Oak God"
Deadfall "In Death's Path"
Circus of Dead Squirrels "Death Saves the Derelict"

Fall against Fate "I Hate Godzilla, He Destroys Cities"
Freund Hein "European Fuckface"
Grabak "Gluttony - The King's Jester"
Requiem "The Plaque without a Face"
Scharbock "Pervers"

Nekrogoblikon "Prince of the Land of Stench"
The Dirty Youth "Fight"
Cirque Du So What? "Another Late Night Phone Call"
Revocation "Dissolution Ritual"
The Slot "Lego"
Dirge Within "Absolution"

The Commander-In-Chief "Paranoid"
Amity in Fame "The Villian"

Show Recap by Fire Eater Wizard;
Andra Dare called in at 2am for an extended interview about her musical project, book ended by two of her songs. She is cool, is her website, and she is also on facebook. Tim and Lance were there, as were Shane, and EVD. There were discussions on the paranormal, one of which turned into a discussion on politics as well. EVD gets a bit enthusiastic in political discussions. Since the paranormal was being discussed, Tim and Lance were sent out to the cemetery, and told to find a ghost. A while later they called in. All they would say was "Help! Help! They are all around us! Help!". Then the call abruptly ended. Just Joe was sent out to help them. Now, that would really reassure me, to know that my help would be coming from Just Joe! Just Joe returned a while later, saying that he had been unable to find them. He also gave the impression that he hadn't really tried very hard to find them, as he didn't want to go searching around the cemetery at night, so he had mostly just stood outside it and called out to them, and looked a bit in the really well lit areas. See what I mean about what a great help Just Joe is?! Tim and Lance were heard nor seen no more on this night, we shall see if they ever return, and, if they do, perhaps they will elaborate a bit more on what happened to them. The day before this LE was H. P. Lovecraft's birthday, August 20th, 1890, so that was made note of, and a song was played in tribute to him. There were a few segments of Movie Time, with Tim, Lance, and, EVD contributing to some of them. The Rare Obscure And Classic Music Hour began the program this time instead of ending it, Azkath thought maybe some people might prefer to have it at the beginning, as everyone may not be able to stay up 'til 6:00 AM, so listener feedback is sought to help decide that...


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